What is YSAP?

Our main goal is to strengthen the basis for scientific research in the Albanian higher education system that makes use of the brightest young scientists and scientific excellence, contributing to the overall development of innovative scientific and technological outputs. YSAP supports talented early-career scientists who have a demonstrated track record of outstanding scientific work in applied sciences, to carry out/develop a concrete research proposal related to the scientific field. The program abides by a ‘scientist-driven’ scheme. It is designed as a bottom up acceleration fund that allows young scientists to identify novel solutions, ideas and opportunities in their field of research in the following:

How does YSAP work?

The program supports three young scientists with a research facility scheme that aims at accelerating
the research experience by offering a variety of facilities such as:

1. Monthly bursary

2. Online scientific journal access

3. Online courses

4. Training and workshops

5. Journal publication

6. Conference participation

7. Access to research data

8. Institutional facilitation

9. Working space and facilities

10. Software provision and training

Social Services Center DDAER with the support of Philip Morris Albania launches for the first time in Albania, the Young Scientists Acceleration Program in support of young, talented and promising scientists in the realization of their scientific ideas to achieve independence in scientific and research work.

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